2014-00-07 05:00 AM (utc) / (3 years ago)

In lieu of a proper Toons episode due to Kyle-busy-ness, Luke Ski whipped up an episode full of podsafe funny holiday tunes by TV's Kyle, Luke Ski, and some of their cohorts from the Funny Music Project (TheFuMP.com), at least some content of which is cartoon-related. So enjoy everyone, and we'll be back in 2 weeks!
Track list:

  • Cartoony excerpts from the “It's A Fanboy Christmas” medleys - the great Luke Ski
  • Playing Zelda Instead Of Christmas - TV's Kyle
  • Here Comes Skeletor - The Nick Atoms
  • Black Friday - the great Luke Ski
  • All I Want For Christmas Is Stuff - TV's Kyle
  • The Island of Recalled Toys - BaldBox
  • Christmas In Hogwarts - the great Luke Ski
  • I Can't Wrap - Scooter Picnic
  • The Christmas Book Club - Art Paul Schlosser
  • The Star Wars Chanukah Song - the great Luke Ski
  • Put A Santa Hat On It! - TV's Kyle

Luke Ski: http://lukeski.bandcamp.com
TV's Kyle: http://tvskyle.bandcamp.com
Scooter Picnic: http://scooterpicnic.bandcamp.com
The Nick Atoms: http://www.thenickatoms.com
Baldbox: http://www.thefump.com/artist.php?id=35
Art Paul Schlosser: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/art-paul-schlosser/id4087949
The FuMP: http://www.thefump.com


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