2015-00-15 05:00 AM (utc) / (4 years ago)

This week, Kyle and Luke completely lost track of time and forgot to record an episode… SO HERE’S A MUSIC SPECIAL!

  1. the great Luke Ski - The Hanna Barbera Polka
  2. TV's Kyle - Muppet Babies
  3. Raymond & Scum - Scooby Dooby Blues
  4. TV's Kyle - Inspector Gadget
  5. Positive Attitude - Kill Seville
  6. TV's Kyle - Pokemon Theme
  7. Nuclear Bubble Wrap - Raichu a Song
  8. TV's Kyle - Invader Zim
  9. Cirque du So What? - Deathworks SKG
  10. TV's Kyle - Freakazoid
  11. Insane Ian - Christopher Robin's Lament
  12. TV's Kyle - Ducktales
  13. Tom Smith - Operation: Desert Storm
  14. TV's Kyle - Darkwing Duck
  15. Steve Goodie - Betty Rubble
  16. TV's Kyle - Alf Animated
  17. Devo Spice - South Park Junkie (2012)
  18. TV's Kyle - Captain Planet and the Planeteers


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Kyle A. Carrozza producer, host


professional animator, funny muscian, creator of Mighty Magiswords, fan of anime, animation and more!

Luke Sienkowski producer, host


professional storyboarder, funny musician and fan of most things... WHY?!?! because they're {BALSA-WOOD} awesome!

Erika Haynes semi-regular guest, luke's roommate


she's an actress who has some day jobs because it's l.a.. loves bojack horseman, tangled, & steven universe.

Lindsay Carrozza semi-regular guest, unofficial fact-checker


character designer on Mighty Magiswords and wife of Kyle.

occasionally gets excited and yells a whole bunch.