OtakuGeneration is a weekly podcast (released on Wednesday). We discuss the various topics (throughout the show) that interest the anime fan (asian culture, the internet, anime, manga, comics, gaming, gadgets and more).

Alan Chaess producer, host


founder of OGN, producer, editor, amv creator, subtitler, fan of most things sci-fi and veteran podcaster.

Bryce Winant cast


original (and present) cast member, resident fan of one piece, manga, video games, most things shonen and the host of Fanboy Forecast.

Matt Pyson cast


our first guest who happily, never left! also a fan of anime, comics, sci-fi, D&D and more.

Paul Snyder cast


resident expert of most topics, fan of video games, manga, cooking and programming.

Bernhard Warg segment producer


fan, friend, bacon salt master, contributor who rants on occassion in a humorous manner.

Andrew Botos cast

past cast

our resident artist and the person who makes us review the most absurd shows.

Albert Alonso segment producer

past cast

early fan converted to cast and segment producer.

Jefferson Lee Eng cast

past cast

legend of conversation, shows up when you least expect it, with bacon cupcakes! also loves most things doctor who, my little pony and progressive rock.

Aaron Wolfram cast

past cast

original cast member, known for his "kielbasa nights".

Dan Tabor cast, segment producer

past cast

early fan converted into cast and segment producer. he's dan the fan!

Kurrene Rickards cast

past cast

original cast, resident mother of the group with endless funny stories of her daughter.

Kyle Dragon Ash cast, segment producer

past cast

our first fan turned cast and segment producer who had newcaster prescence, voice and endless satirical wit! Kyle Ashinhurst; 1970-2018; #ogfamforlife!

Paul I. Shewchuk cast

past cast

original cast, "the lobster pig", that warning disclaimer voice you can't seem to shake every week and also the person who wants there to be more monkey butlers.

Todd George cast, segment producer

past cast

original cast member and our favorite tech guru... say it with me... "tech guru todd!".

Sean Dobbs wiki master

past member

fan turned wiki master and OG documentarian

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